Earthquake Hazard across Europe

The hazard.EFEHR web platform provides access to interactive tools such as seismic hazard models, products and information. Distributed data, models, products and information are based on research projects carried out by academic and public organisations.

Currently, the seismic hazard models and resources for Europe, the Middle East, the GSHAP global model and the Swiss Seismic Hazard Model are available.

Access the seismic hazard tools below:

Hazard Spectra

Hazard Curves

Hazard Maps

Latest uploads:

  • The 2020 Euro-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Model (ESHM20) became available in December 2021. Access to all underlying data sets, resources and tools through this web platform or the EFEHR GitLab repository.

About hazard.EFEHR

The web platform hazard.EFEHR is operated by the European Facilities for Earthquake Hazard and Risk (EFEHR), a non-profit network of organisations and community resources aimed at advancing earthquake hazard and risk assessment in the European-Mediterranean area. EFEHR is not replacing national or local efforts, it is supporting and enriching them.

EFEHR constitutes one of the three service domains in the Thematic Core Service (TCS) Seismology within the European Plate Observatory System (EPOS). The two others are ORFEUS (waveform services) and CSEM-EMSC (seismological products services). 

Visit to learn more about earthquake hazard and risk across Europe.

Earthquake risk data for Europe

Visit the risk.EFEHR platform to access documentation of datasets and models as well as the seismic risk computations. 

European Plate Observing System (EPOS) Data

The EPOS ICS web platform provides access to data and services provided by the EPOS Thematic Core Services (TCSs) and the National Research Infrastructures (NRIs).