ESHM13 - Hazard Computation Input

OpenQuake engine (ver 1.0) was used to compute the seismic hazard values for the Euro-Mediterranean region. OpenQuake is developed by the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) initiative with contributions from the development facilities at the University of Pavia and at ETH Zurich.

Input files for OpenQuake

The input files for OpenQuake were created from the data files of the single source models and the proposed logic-tree for the ground motion prediction equations defining the respective weights.  Input files are in Natural hazards' Risk Markup Language (NRML) format, as described in the OpenQuake User Manual ver. 1.0. The input files reflect the source model and the ground motion logic tree as described in SHARE Deliverable D6.6.

The following files are in the package to download: 
  1. License_and_ReadMe.txt: Includes license, contact points and description of the files
  2. computational_settings.ini: OpenQuake ver.1.0 configuration settings
  3. computational_sites.csv: List of sites

NRML files:

  1. faults_backg_source_model.xml: Contains fault source  and the background seismicity model
  2. area_source_model.xml: Contains the area source model      
  3. seifa_model.xml: Contains the SEIFA-Model
  4. source_model_logic_tree.xml: Describes the source model logic-tree
  5. complete_gmpe_logic_tree.xml Describes the gorund motion logic-tree

The entire package can be downloaded as a zip-file on the right.


ESHM13 Input Files for OpenQuake

 SHARE Deliverable D6.6 -  description of input parameters


If you use the ESHM13 input files for OpenQuake, please reference
D. Giardini et al., Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe (SHARE): Online Data Resource, doi: 10.12686/SED-00000001-SHARE, 2013.

Pagani M, Monelli D, Weatherill G, Danciu L, Crowley H, Silva V, Henshaw P, Butler L et al (2014) OpenQuake Engine: An Open Hazard (and Risk) Software for the Global Earthquake Model, SRL 85 (3), doi: