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 The Seismic Hazard Map of the Middle East displays the ground shaking (i.e. Peak Horizontal Ground Acceleration, PGA) to be reached or exceeded with a 10% probability in 50 years. This reference value represents the shaking to be expected during the human lifetime, corresponding to the average recurrence of such ground motions every 475 years, as prescribed by the national building codes for standard buildings in the Middle Eastern countries. Blue to green colors depict comparatively low hazard (PGA ≤ 10% of the gravitational acceleration), yellow to orange colors moderate hazard (10% < PGA ≤ 30% g) and red to brown colors identify high hazard areas (PGA > 30% g).


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D. Giardini, L. Danciu, M. Erdik, K. Sesetyan, M. Demircioglu, S. Akkar, L. Gülen and M. Zare (2016) Seismic Hazard Map of the Middle East,doi:10.12686/a1