EMME14 - Earthquake Catalogue

The working group focused on establishing the catalog of seismicity for the Middle East, using all historical (pre-1900), early and modern instrumental events up to 2006.  After removal of duplicate events, foreshocks and aftershocks, and converting all magnitude to Mw scale, 27,174 main events remain from 1250 B.C. through 2006.

Homogenization of the catalog was achieved using regional conversion equations between mb, Ms, ML and Mw and by converting all magnitudes to Mw scale. The primary catalog presents the events with origin time, longitude, latitude, magnitude and depth.

There is only one event with magnitude larger than 8 in the region, namely the 1945 Makran earthquake with magnitude of 8.1). The catalogue contains 134 events with magnitude between 7 and 8, 560 records between 6 and 7, and 4,041 events between 5 and 6.  The minimum and maximum magnitudes in the catalog are 3.8 and 8.1 respectively.